With all of us experiencing feelings of uncertainty right now, it's normal to be extra cautious about our well being. That’s why we wanted to find a way to ensure the safety of our customers, while also supporting our factory. 

Being a low waste company, we have plenty of extra fabric just waiting to be used. After having to temporarily halt operations, we realized early on that people would need to protect themselves once they stepped outside. We researched how to make cloth masks that keep you protected, AND pass the candle blowing test (; 

Adhering to social distancing protocols and face coverage, we were able to slowly open the factory back up and produce high quality masks for you to wear on your daily walks or grocery store outings.

We began by partnering with the Mask Movement to donate over 22,000 masks to hospitals in need, and then came to the decision to sell to the public.

Our packs of five come in two different sizes - kids and adults- and you can choose from a range of patterns and colors that matches your personal style! You can purchase them here.

For more info on how we started this mask journey, please take a look at this video of our CEO, Elbert, discussing our plans with journalist Kristin Vartan on her digital talk show Keeping it Krischic.

Thank you all so much for supporting us during this tough time. It is so appreciated and we wish you all the best!!



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